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Information for those affected by Pandemic (Last updated 4/1)

MEALS - AGES 60 and OLDER:  Anyone ages 60 and older can request up to 5 meals per week during this crisis period.  No income or qualifying criteria to receive such meals.  They simply need to contact the Buffalo Trace Aging Disability Resource Center at 606-564-7084 and request these for home delivered or to be picked up at the senior centers in any of the 5 counties.  Licking Valley CAP is the provider of these meals but we are doing the intake for them.


WORK - UNEMPLOYMENT INFORMATION:  Individuals who have been laid off after 3/1/2020 are eligible for an additional $600 per week plus their regular unemployment benefit.  The additional $600 per week is for a period of 16 weeks.  These individuals need to file online at  If they have difficulty filing, they can call the Maysville center at 606-564-3447.  There is a schedule provided by the Governor to file during the week by last name on the website.

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